Wondering How to Design a Loose Parts Play ecosystem?

It can be overwhelming to think about changing your entire early childhood ecosystem. This course will guide you to design an ecosystem that includes many possibilities for exploration and creativity. Loose Parts are a great way to help children learn about their world. By starting in one corner of the room, you can gradually add more and more Loose Parts until the whole ecosystem is transformed.

Course curriculum

    1. Part 3 - Setting the Stage

    2. Getting Started

    3. Playful Transformation Workbook

    1. Planning The Loose Parts Ecosystem

    2. A Different View of the Environment

    1. The Contribution of Aesthetics to the Pedagogical Experience of Young Children

    2. Using Line and Movement to Analyze the Environment.

    3. Using Shapes and Color to Analyze the Environment

    4. Using Pattern, Rhythm, and Texture to Analyze the Environment

    1. Organizational Systems

    1. Unexpected Discoveries

Designing Loose Parts Play Ecosystems

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  • 11 lessons